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“Circles” used to Show Available Colors for Apparel

This very well could just be a ME problem. (I have many🙄) But I'm really finding it difficult seeing the white "X" through color circles that are sold out or not available. This is only the case when the color is a light color option (i,e., white, light pastels, etc.). However, I can't think of a color that would be more apparent. Is this just me? (I do have minor cataracts).
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Re: “Circles” used to Show Available Colors for Apparel

A problem I have noticed is that the color circle shows the wrong color.  I have seen this on several items I wanted to order,  So I know it must happen on items I dont look at.  I have tried to get this corrected on other items in the past but it never got done.  At that time social team said they would notify IT.  


The most recent is Susan Graver's wide leg pants A517494.  The merlot block shows the green pants and the green block shows the merlot pants.


I was going to order as I love SG wide leg pants but changed my mind knowing I would receive the wrong color.  I only order on line to get Mr Rebates and I thought even if I call CS there would be a good chance I would still get the wrong color.  Decided I didn't need them as I already have many and didnt feel like going through the hassel of trying to make sure I receive the correct color.

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Re: “Circles” used to Show Available Colors for Apparel

I wish when you order online the sizes show the colors like they do on the TV screen. Red, yellow or green so you know how close they are to selling out. They hosts say they are flying but you can't tell how close they really are online.


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Re: “Circles” used to Show Available Colors for Apparel

If it helps when trying to order an item when the colors are switched, you should select the color you want by the color label not the circle color.  If one circle is wine but the label says green and another circle is green but the label wine, and you want green, then select the wine circle.  I once heard a show host mention on air that the item being presented had that problem on the website and that's what she recommended to do.  I've actually done that and it worked, probably because the software puts the color label in the order.  The problem is that someone doing data entry made a typo and IT needs to fix it.