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Re: Return Labels

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@grounded2000  - Anyone that does business online should have a printer.  Many compnies are now going with no labels.  If you don't want to get a printer, then just call and have a label mailed to you.  Unless you're planning on returning a lot of items, this should not be an issue.



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Half the time Indon't even get one.

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I am happy to say that my orders have return labels now.  Don't know who to thank but this is so much better if I have to return something.  Thanks, Margaret "Peggy"

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Re: Return Labels

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@rms1954 wrote:

@Peggy S wrote:

The new QVC policy of no return label included is not convienent..which the C is for.  I am a 20 year  long time customer of QVC and HSN and won't be trying new products.  I'll only pick what I know works and hope I get what I order.  There is no return label and the directions are confusion with the new invoice. Who thought this was a good idea?

It's the new way; same with many other places.  What is inconvenient about it???  I just print one, or call CS to send you one.   "If it's all too much for you then don't shop QVC in the future."

Why so harsh! I've been a customer for more than 30+ years and I agree, it is inconvenient! Now, if they want to do like Amazon and let me take it to the UPS store or other locations, unwrapped, then I'm all for that! That is NOT inconvenient!!!

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