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 I wish QVC would consider something like Amazon Prime. I order many, many items from Amazon and the free and fast shipping has saved me grief at gift-giving times like birthdays and Christmas.

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That is a great idea. A lot of times I will choose Amazon over other retailers is because I have Prime.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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So you believe you are willing to pay the Q roughly $100 a year and get free shipping?


The Q isn't like Amazon, they don't have huge warehouses of product all over the US, most of the time with the Q, they are order takers on the products they sell meaning a list gets sent to an outside contractor for them to package and ship the product.


I'm using outside contractor as a loose term but essentially not all product is available same day to ship. 



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It's not just free shipping I get with Amazon Prime.  I use it just as much for their streaming content.

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Fabulous idea!

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@QVCJH Great idea! I LOVE Amazon Prime's 2-day free shipping and all the other perks that come with my Prime membership.  I do almost all of my shopping from Amazon, and I would buy more from QVC if they had a similar program.