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Q Makeup Department

It is generally thought that “older means lighter”. Heavy eye liner, top and bottom, Joan Crawford eyebrows, window shade eyelashes and metallic eyeshadow does not compliment a woman over 50 as much as perhaps, light brown eyeliner and brows, taupe shadow and more feathered lashes. I’m 73, and follow this guideline in my own makeup regimen. Jane’s makeup tonight looks a bit harsh and while I understand tv and theatre makeup is different, closeups in HD are also different than 15th row back in theaters. JMO. 

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Re: Q Makeup Department

I agreed with you until I tuned in just now and I'm looking at Jane. IMO Jane needs all the help she can get and who ever did her makeup tonight did a masterful job, she looks great. I like her in that dress too.

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Re: Q Makeup Department

 Maybe that makeup would not work for the 73 year old  OP but  I just checked and her makeup looks great!!  Nothing harsh about her look.  She is not anywhere near 73 also and not really what I would call older!  What works for one person may not be the best on someone else.  There are too many differing factors and everyone has features that are unique to them so there is no one way only for anyone to do their makeup!!!

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Re: Q Makeup Department

I and a friend got the chance to be on HSN modeling the jewelry during the Customer appreciation event and can say, due to the high def, and the set lighting the makeup department loads you up way heavier then you would wear out in the real world. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror but on camera it looks quite different. 

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Re: Q Makeup Department

I agree. At 67 I try to be more subtle. Softer is more 

flattering, less harsh.

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Re: Q Makeup Department

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I agree with all of you. 

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Re: Q Makeup Department

Please inderstand that in no way am i throwing shade or do i think J.T. had work done . I dont know . But i do know that many , many of the hosts that you love and adore and purchase your beauty serums and creams from have had injections, fillers , and some major surgical treatments. So buyer beware . There is no fix for aging . You can just do it gracefully by drinking lots of water, moisturizing, not necessarily soending a fortune, and wearing sunscreen. Retinol or some form of it is a great option and vitamin c but ladies and gents its really all we can do to love the skin we have and embrace our age. You cant put collagen back into your skin topically. It doesnt work that way. Look it up. If you have a regimen that you like and it makes your skin glow ,stick with it. Just beware of all the hype . Great ,clean products w/ out perfumes or chemicals do not have to break the bank as they say .