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 I wish all the show host would tell the size the Models are wearing when 

presenting a clothing item.  Amy  states sizes each time and it is so helpful.

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Or post it on the screen.
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I don't watch that often, but when I do, I always see the models sizes inserted on the left of the screen.  

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They all do.

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I wish they would put the measurements of hips,etc up.All the sellers have different measurements,please,please.

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I find the model's sizes extremely helpful!

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They need to post the actual garment sizes on the screen long enough so it can actually be read, they used to do that. Unless you are built like the model, I don't understand how seeing it on the model helps you choose a size,style, look, etc. I know I would like to look like Samantha in the fashions, but this is supposed to be reality TV.LOL

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Everybody wears a XXS thought everybody knew that.



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that what qv post doesnt help one bit 


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So true. I am m tired of hearing im in the xxs !!