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Watching TSV I-Pad Presentation at 2 this morning with woman host, not once did she go to colors available on cases. List if colors shown but never walked over to display and point. Several times showed display with car charger and tech help. Someone should have backed her up and given reminders.
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If by case you are asking about the actual medal cladding, then it is just the usual silver, gold and grey.  Nothing new to see here, just hyping “accessories” to confuse the issue of pricing.

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@Still RainingI think OP  and you are talking about 2 different things.  The Pads themselves are available in 3 colors -  the cases in many more.  I watched Shawn and CRaig at midnight  -   they did well together.


My iPasd isn't old enough that I care to upgrade, but I know the pencil price I heard matches what I was offered and I'd love to have a separate car charger.  LKooks as if they're not expensive -  I'll buy just that next time I go for tech help which I do often enough!