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I see pictures of nice items sometimes on the main screen, labeled current or new items but when I click on the picture, it brings me to a page that does not show the item.  I then have to call customer service.  Sometimes they can help and other times, they cannot.  Please put the item number on the bottom, top or somewhere in the picture, that would show the item number or make sure when you click on the box, that item shows up.


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I absolutely agree! They show you something you want, then make you search for it. It's ridiculous. In catalogs, when they show pants sold on the page you're on, it also says "Scarf shown on page 34" or something else to help you find the item you might want.


QVC seems to prefer the grocery store method, where they force you to wander through the pages and hope you pick other things up on the way to the one you want. But instead, I usually just come away with nothing.


QVC would better serve its customers and itself if they gave us the item numbers.

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I have always thought that was a problem and figured it was a ploy to get you to purchase additional items while your browsing for the one you want.