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You have several lines that carry plus sizing but the product is aimed at pear shaped, tall plus sized women.  Do not ignore your huge market in Women's Petite Plus sized blousees, shirts, and tees.  I see Attitudes has some, and they are great in fitting the plus petite apple shaped body, but we need more.   You are missing a huge market.

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Re: Petite Plus Tops

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Yes, us "short rounds" need nice clothes, too!  I find good nice petite plus things at Talbot's, JC Penney's, and Catherine's, among others.  Sometimes Dillard's has some, too.  Petite plus is what used to be called "half sizes", and occasionally you still see that terminology.


One of the reasons I like 3/4 sleeves is that I can wear a lot of regular plus sizes in such tops, and the sleeves aren't too long!