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I may see a few minutes of an SG show while flipping channels but I'm not interested in buying anything and the clothes are too expensive. 

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Turned off the program long  ago. Too much drama and self serving antics that have nothing to  do with the productg.  This is not just Susan G the problem is growing faster than anyone can report it.  So I watch something else and buy online only.... no watching. 


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I wouldn't normally comment on something like the OP's post but, in this case, I have to agree.


I've also felt very uncomfortable when SG is praising Katia (sp?) to the skies.  I feel bad for the other models.  The phrase "What am I?  Chopped liver?" comes to mind.


I think it's disrespectful as others have stated.  I'd feel the same no matter which vendor or host was doing this to single out a particular model.  They're all there doing a good job, so extreme favoritism is inappropriate.

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UGHHHHH Everyone is just so touchy now a days.  Don't like...turn off.  No sense in creating drama where there isn't any....

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All the models have something to offer.  No one should be littled to feel less important.  I remember teachers doing that in school! 

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Brenda, is a sweet heart, and smiles and ignores the fawning. Katia thinks she's on the red carpet in Paris, forgets she's on QVC. No models walk bouncing like I am the greatest, no your not. Tone it down already.  

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@Johnnyeager wrote:

Katia is very, very high maintenance.  She commands and demands and requires fawning over.  I respect Susan for doing it.

I totally agree....I really don't even like watching when Katia is on....I've seen where she's pretty much has said "well what about me" when the hosts are talking to/about the other models and she feels left out....hence the reason she likes to sashay and twirl around for attention.

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@udawn wrote:

Yes you are right I do remember that. I just had QVC on and it was Susan G. She had beautiful palazzo pants on and I was ready to order. Then Susan G said. " Oh Katia I think I need to buy you these also." Thta's it done. Changing the channel and NOT ordering the pants.

@udawn  This is marketing...I seriously doubt that Katie would wear anything SG makes let alone WANT it in her closet in the real world.....on TV Katia wears it only because she is paid me, Katia is not wearing SG polyester fashion IN THE REAL WORLD. No young beautiful girl would be seen in it.

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Tuned in late this afternoon Susan with Antionella.....need I say that Susan truly needed a tranquilizer....she was on a roll that was very disrespectful of Antionella....she rolled all over her, would talk over her and acted like she was flying 2 inches off the ground.....I had to turn it why does QVC allow this woman to be so rude, obnoxious and domineering?

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Katia knows exactly what she’s doing and the other models do too.


she doesn’t act like that on other shows.  She’s very demure on jewelry shows.  


My favorite model is Michelle.  She is very low key and naturally beautiful.


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