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Then you need to watch Louis D, his clothes have been classy, everyday office type clothes.

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@HLP wrote:

Brenda, is a sweet heart, and smiles and ignores the fawning. Katia thinks she's on the red carpet in Paris, forgets she's on QVC. No models walk bouncing like I am the greatest, no your not. Tone it down already.  

@HLP ..... I agree ... Katia thinks who the heck she is & she is not any better than the other beautiful models who look & act professional.... Katia does not act professional at all 👎

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@topcat10 wrote:

@Johnnyeager wrote:

Katia is very, very high maintenance.  She commands and demands and requires fawning over.  I respect Susan for doing it.

I totally agree....I really don't even like watching when Katia is on....I've seen where she's pretty much has said "well what about me" when the hosts are talking to/about the other models and she feels left out....hence the reason she likes to sashay and twirl around for attention.


I remember once they were joking around (supposedly) and someone said Katia thinks it's all about her.  And Katia replied well isn't it.  

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@ID2 wrote:

OP, me thinks you are watching too much. Turn the tv off.

She's stating her opinion........which she is entitled to. If she wants to turn her TV off, I think she knows that already. 

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I have read most of the comments and hate to say but that is exactly what I thought.  I have not watched her in several years already, not even on mute.  I do wish the hosts would give the colors of the clothes right from the start then let the designer talk abouot it.  But Susan starts describing it right away on the first one and you have to wait to see what the colors looik like if you want to order them.  That is why I stopped watching her.  She talks too much and everything is "gorgeous".in her words.  Not true.  So best thing for me to do is just not watch her.  I started watching H by Halston and the prices are more reasonable and trendy.  I have many tops and they wash and wear beautifully.  So that is my new designer.  Logo is way way to expensive for the quality of her clothes.  They wrinkle too much.    

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Susan graver is the most annoying person on the Q 

the way she prances around and how everything is gorgeous. A definite channel changer

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I don’t watch Susan Graver, but Katia is my least favorite model.  Just turn the channel OP.

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I ❤️ Susan’s clothes & spend plenty of $$ on her line.  However, I do agree she does show partiality to Katia & Brenda. My heart goes out to the other models who are modeling Susan’s clothes & are just passed over as if they are unworthy.

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The other models are getting paid, are they not?  They can deal with it.

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It’s there in every work place I’ve been a part of—the favorite. The other models seem to take it in stride, just like most of us do when we’ve had to put up with the fawning over a few to the exclusion of the rest. Restraint has never been Susan’s style.