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I've been watching ITKWD for years and I've noticed a serious decline in new and innovative products. Too much emphasis on foods/sweets and premade meals. The lack of new food prep tools and kitchen ideas leaves this viewer channel surfing on Sundays and more cash in my pocket.


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Candy.....never seen so much.

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How many new innovated kitchen products can there be? I look around my kitchen at all the pans, sheets, gadgets, tools and appliances and wonder when was the last time I used it and whether it is really needed or just taking up space.


Food items can at least be consumed and not go to waste or take up shelf space. And in these times, perhaps all those new kitchen products out of China aren't as plentiful.l

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Re: New Kitchen Items

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I'm getting rid of kitchen items, not adding more.

I'm ditching all of the gadgets I just had to have but only used them once or twice.

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@Drose1210  I've bought some of my favorite kitchen gadgets from QVC (think the Kuhn Rikon can opener/bottle opener). And, to be fair, there have been some new offerings (not a lot). However, I think QVC is taking advantage of the current shut-down in the country to offer food sent to your door, so you don't have to go out and shop for it. I know the food is overpriced, but some people would rather have this "gourmet" food delivered and not think about it. Have you watched the steaks and lobsters being snatched up at the rate of a tsunami? 

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Interestingly I just received my first-ever survey from QVC asking what kind of kitchen items I am interested in. The answer is none; I once cooked for 6 and now cook for 2, and I won't be hosting parties for a long  time. However, I appreciated the effort. Now if they asked about fashion or beauty items, I have opinions!

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I only cook for two but I'm extremely hard on my cookware.  As DH says "You can't cook and watch TV at the same time."  Well, I try.  I wish they would ask me.  I would request some open stock basic pieces, like 10 inch saute's and 3 qt. sauce pans.  I go through them like water.