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@SarahW. I believe Antonella said "A" survey had been sent.  She didn't specify what survey, and QVC sends many.  It could have easily been altered by a hacker.  What earthly purpose would a survey soliciting comments about one host serve?  Use your common sense.  


There's no reason for an apology, and nobody was "hateful".

@Kachina624  I read on Antonella’s FB that some posters said they had received one about Jane Treacy.

Why are you insulting other posters just because you think differently? We are all entitled to come to our own conclusions. JMO 

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@proudlyfromNJ.  Insult?  Excuse me, but  I'm entitled to my opinion too and this whole subject is beyond riduculous.  What a waste of time.

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@hooked on books Please post your proof that this survey was generated on behalf of QVC. I'd like to see that, if it exists.

@lovemygrands I"m not hookedonbooks, but I did want to tell you that QVC responded to the post under QTalk titled "Antonella survey", on page 12 is their response and they did CONFIRM they sent it out. 

@Kachina624  I believe this is the post being discussed


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Hi Everyone. It is a routine part of our customer research to ask customers about their experiences with QVC, which includes their engagement with our hosts. This is part of our ongoing efforts to continuously listen to our customers and shape our on air and online programming experiences to best meet their needs.

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Well, hopefully everyone is satisfied, "Proof-Wise"!😀😉