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The majority of the models are above average height.  I am 5'5" tall.  When they model a top it comes to a different place on them than on me.  Doesn't the majority rule?  Take a survey QVC.  Find out what the average height is of your customers and hire the appropriate  height models for the majority of your models.  I am tired to death of tunic tops that are too long on me and tees that fit like tunic tops.

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I personally prefer the models that have a personality like Carrie, Deana, and Jackie,etc.......They make the job more interesting, and it makes it more fun for the viewer. I watch very little QVC anymore, but when I do it is usually a Fashion show or Beauty show, and I think the QVC models do a great job.......Since it isn't high Fashion runway, what is wrong with smiling and acting like you ar having a good time? That is what makes people feel connected......I love that QVC has models of all ethnicities, sizes, hair color, etc........It is not as easy as it looks and I think for the most part they all do a great job!   

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Please use models in 2x and 3 x so we can see how those sizes look. We deserve the same respect and commitment from QVC. We are a large part of your customer base.


Did you realize the irony of your comment? I think a lot of the comments about "models who look like us" is code for, middle-aged+ and somewhat overweight rather than stick thin.


My favorite model--whose name I can't remember, is a blond woman, fairly tall, and heavy set. She's living proof that you don't have to look like a victim of starvation to be attractive. Having said that, I'll add that if she lost some weight, she could probably be a high-fashion model. But I like her just the way she is.


Darn it! Can someone remember what her name is? Her hair is blond and just about shoulder length.

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I enjoy seeing the same models, I love Ellen, I hope she keeps returning.

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Is it me or does “D” talk too much - drives me crazy.  I think she wants to be a host.

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Please use models in 2x and 3 x so we can see how those sizes look. We deserve the same respect and commitment from QVC. We are a large part of your customer base.

They have a new pretty blonde girl who is a plus size model on tonight.

Never seen her before. She appeared with Graver and Shawn.

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The models work for a company, and the Q hires them. The Q "chooses" which models they wish. Sometimes they're not available. 

Also, vendors chan "choose" the models they prefer. 


For instance, Susan Graver almost never has a petite model. She has the models she likes and prefers. Susan loves to show her collection on very tall girls. Once in a great while when there is a petite model, I notice the pants are dragging, even with very high heels and the model being on the high end of petite. 


As long as Susan has been with the Q, she should have a petite at every of her showing. Just like Halston and Denim & Co. You can't just adore everything on tall, lean Katia....

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@FuzzyFace  I think you may mean Jackie.

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@febe1   Susan Graver doesn't show petite models because she seldom, if ever, features petite fashions despite many people requesting petites.  I requested petites for years, but QVC just doesn't have the interest in featuring them.  That (and because Susan doesn't let the hosts speak) is why I now buy clothing elsewhere. 

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I've noticed that too!  Not fair to the other models, who also do a great job!!