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I would like Lock & Lock to make a lettuce keeper.  I went on Ebay to find an old one from Tupperware since Tupperware doesn't  make one anymore.  It seems to be too small for the current size of lettuce heads.  And it collects moisture on the bottom.  I feel that Lock and Lock could provide a good quality and large size container for us.  Thanks!

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i would also love seeing one for romaine lettuce.

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@sunshine45 wrote:

i would also love seeing one for romaine lettuce.



I use the larger one in this set for romaine.

LocknLock 4-Piece Stackable Fridge Set w/ Drip Trays
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Re: Lock & Lock

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@NORSKY   ... look on Amazon for WalterDrake Lettuce KeeperTM. HTH

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Lock and Lock now availed online at Macy’s. Different selections, good prices. Check there

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I wrap lettuce in a paper towel..also green peppers and onions...they stay crisp and dry a very long time since I started doing this. Storing lettuce in a lock lock might make it sure ruined my eggs