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  • In general I find segments that include two sales people to be overly crowded.  One sales person coupled with the vendor rep, is nearly always the format that contains the most information about the product.



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Definitely! Rachel used to be enjoyable, then they put her with Alberti and OMG both are so obnoxious! I think she is also taking feed back from Kerstin who thinks she is everything. Well she is not. Rachel just be the old Rachel

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I haven't watched David's Wednesday shows much ever since QVC cut Stacy Stauffer.  Nothing against David or Julia.   I know it was not their decision!  

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@Lilbitcountry wrote:

"Doing more and more online shopping because the list of instant channel change hosts is getting larger for me by the week.  It used to be just Rick and Jane, but joining them for me is Julia, Kristen, Monifa, Alberti and Rachel.  I prefer the more calm, informative presentations..."



I have to add Mary D. to your list of instant channel changers for me She thinks she's so funny and is constantly joking, goofing off and laughing, talks about her life too much for my liking and the MOST annoying to me is her SINGING her words/sentences. I change the channel the minute I see her. What bites is that I used to like her when she first became a host.

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Totally agree she is sooo annoying

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Yup she makes you want to cut and run. Annoying women also when she handles the food she practically plays with it so disgusting.

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I find Mary very fake.
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I so agree, my friend.

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Well don't you worry my honey!!!

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I to find Julia so annoying and it's not one particular thing but she drives me crazy.Very hard to watch her I just don't mute I change the channel.