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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Yes, I think co-presenting is effective when it is done well....a true back and forth presentation.....that is defintely Not what we are seeing here.....its more like one speaker (the Q host), with a little input from the guest. If fewer people watching presentations translates to lower sales, I guess that would bring a bit of a change Smiley Happy

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

I felt bad for the Bare Minerals rep last night.  She wanted to talk SO bad and the two hosts were off enjoying their own conversation.  Don't care about how "one's" daughter when small got a little sunburn on her cheek because she, the mom, missed a spot with SPF.  She said she whipped out her Bare Mineral bisque and foundation to cover it.  She felt so reassured that now her future Broadway star was protected from the rays of the sun.


And the Berkshire rep was allowed to say very little during that presention.  I would love to know what the "one" host and her "daughter" being out and about that day in plaid coats had anything to do with selling throws.  


All the hosts do a better job when going it least it is better for the viewer and consumer.   JMHO

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Nothing new about that.  The ship channel industry has changed.  It isn't the 90s anymore.  If QVC doesn't interest you or meet your shopping needs; stop watching. QVC.  Shop elsewhere.  



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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

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@manny2 wrote:

It is especially hard to watch when the two hosts banter, or tell stories to each other, and the vendor just stands there.


QVC needs to overhaul the format.

Especially Jane T. And Courtney! They can go on and on all night. 

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

It's a given that Jane Treacy is the worst offender in the whole QVC universe...she never shuts up!!! It boggles the mind and I really have to wonder just what's up with her??


But I've begun to get really annoyed with that "Honey" of hers, David Venable. He constantly interrupts the vendor...CONSTANTLY! The vendor is in mid sentence and David jumps in with some nonsense...probably something like "this is extraordinary." Woman Frustrated No, Honey, nothing you've ever sold on QVC has ever been extraordinary!


David was not like this years ago. I find myself watching him less and less and less. 



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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

I agree 100%. When I'm interested in a product, I would appreciate hearing the vendor/expert explain it so that I hear all the features to see if it will be something I want to purchase. When the hosts talk over them....especially to tell what colors are available....for the 50th time...I just change the channel and they lose a purchase. Electronics are something that truly need to be explained by the experts, but the hosts are constantly interrupting and that just frustrates the vendor and I'm sure many viewers. I don't need to be barraged by the host telling me that there are only x number left to go around or it's the only order of the year. Put that info on the screen and let the vendors do their job.

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

JT is the worst when it comes to interrupting. Very annoying and rude.

in my opinion, Amy follows next. Always interrupting telling how many are left.

wont watch either one of them.

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Please have Vanessa and Rachel Ellis present more on QVC. They are both outstanding. I'd love to hang out with them because they seem like real people, authentic and funny
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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

@Squirrels Are Trash wrote:



This is a  Content Marketing best practice; studies have indicated that two different voices will hold the listener's attention as opposed to just one speaker.

That's why you have:

1)  a  host

2)  a  vendor


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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

The very worst in presentation is the NONSTOP  talker.   Three hosts stand out with this, Rachel B, JT, and Monifa.   It sounds like a carnival barker who never takes a breath,   It drones so much you tense up and tune out.   It's nerve grating.   Then, when they suddenly stop, the vendor gets a second or two to speak before they resume the drone speak.   Sometimes they order the vendor to state something, like the history of the product in 1 second.    It's chalk on a board to the tenth degree.    Rachel talks fast as if she rates herself on speed talk.   


And when these speed talkers run out of product colors and combinations they talk about vapid personal issues and past experiences or songs that we really do not care to know about.   


I long for the product presentations with real product specifications of color, size, material content, and quality and care.   I come to shop for items not to learn about you and your past history and present exploits.