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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Oh, I don't know...I would be happy if a certain host would learn how to say THROW, not throw blanket. 


Saying blanket after throw is redundant. Woman Frustrated

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Jane Tracy  and Shawn constantly interrupt the guests while they are talking.. It is so annoying to watch. Shawn recently did it to Dennis Basso while he was talking about the TSV, she started talking over him and cut him off, he did look surprised.

A lot of hosts constantly do this to the guests  and some do need to learn how to pronounce the words they are using.

One in particular constantly stutters her words and can't seem to get her words out, she's been doing this for years... sometimes makes it hard to watch.   

I know it can be difficult to constantly be talking and describing an item.  I use to have to speak a lot in front of

people, I would always practice... 

Love how Courtney describes everything in detail.....

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

Yes! Great idea! Put the info on the screen.
They could update their graphics to show a real-time scrolling inventory (like news networks have) But I suppose they pride themselves on being able to sell so when they get updates in their ear they can make up a story about how dear old mom use to have a blah blah blah in that color and it's next year's color of the year blah blah blah. It's all about the sales pitch. Kind of frustrating. 

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

I rarely watch the channels on my tv anymore. I put them on my laptop and glance over to watch the recently aired items. 

I can't take it any longer after 35 years. It's not worth the headache of multiple hosts that can't do their job.

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

I noticed it being suggested that we find the mute button. Now we all have our favorite hosts,and thats the beauty of it all.I watch hosts,that do not talk about themselves,and give me every part of the information about the product.I am not interested in thier vacations ,their children, or what restaurant they go to. Just ....Please give me good information,without,singing,dancing or babbling.Doing the best job at selling is what they are hired I right? or were they hired to dance and siing ?


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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

[ Edited ]

They were hired in large part to be entertainers and entertain.


The actual "selling" is secondary and ancillary to engagement and story-telling.


This is Qurate 2024.

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

She looks heavier to me. It seems the senior hosts have more leeway in being more aggressive and can interrupt more. The younger newet ones don't. I don't think the bragging some of them do on air is a turn off.

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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

What is the purpose of two hosts? To talk over each other? I hate it when they say ‘how many do we have left?
Gone are the days of the good hosts except for mary beth roe. I don’t watch qvc that much anymore.
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Re: Hosts Presentation Style

True spend too much time talking about family etc