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I am 5’2” and have chubby legs.  Can anyone recommend a pull on Capri that isn’t skin tight.  I want to avoid frumpy but I can’t wear skin tight in the summer.  I used to wear Lees Style Up but they no longer make them.

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@Marceil , in my opinion, your best bet is DENIM & CO.  No part will feel tight or clingy. Just go to website and look at D & C, you will see the entire assortment.

They are a relaxed fit, but they do not balloon out.

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I too recommend the Demin & Co. brand, but at 5'2" , I think you should consider the pedal pusher lenght of capris.  Pedal pushers are shorter the crops or capris.  

 Also LLBean makes a knit, mostly cotton, crop in petite.  Nice and loose feeling for hot sticky summers.    

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I am 5' 1/2" and I agree with @aoldgirl .  I only wear pedal pushers (17" inseam) as I feel that the crop and even capri hit me in a horrible spot.  My calves are great, but thighs are a bit athletic.  If you search pedal pushers on Q, you will find many types.


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Re: Help with capris

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I love the Women With Control pull-on knit cropped pants - A200215.  They're a bit longer though at 23 inches.


Karen Scott has a lot of crops and capris even in petites.  There's a shorter one called a skimmer too that I like - a longer bermuda type short - 15".  I never even liked wearing shorts until I found these.  They're at Macys.

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Hi. I am 5’3” and change with “voluptuous”, short legs. I have good luck with both denim &co and Dream Jeannes (Quacker Factory). I like Capri or pedal pusher length, usually either 19” or 17”. Hope this helps.



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I prefer crops over capris as they hide some of my calves.  Being short too, I prefer straight leg styles and sometimes take them to a tailor to shorten.  I found an little independent tailor shop nearby who does this for a pittance.

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I would also vote for Denim and Company petite capris.

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I am 5"1" and have skinny legs. I had bought Denim and Co. capri pants and really liked them. So I bought a pair in just about every color. 


Well, I just came back from vacation. I took all the Denim and Co. capri pants. And I think I have lost a few pounds some where along the way. Because everyone of the capris pants were a bit too roomy in the legs. I wish I tried them on before the trip.


I recommend trying the Denim and Co. And please make sure you try the petite. I bought 2 pair of capris that were not petite and lets just say, I donated them.