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Tonight's Denim & Co. three hour show with Mary Beth was fantastic.  Friday night is perfect; everyone is relaxed and in a good mood, ready to shop.  I bought 5 items.  Could we do this more often? 

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It is a show I'm watching now (recorded it) and they have some wonderful things!!!  I like to see how things look off the page on line. I've always liked Mary Beth, she's a gem, and I'm so glad she came out of that accident she had, that was scary at the time. I always enjoy her. She is into selling the item.

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I really enjoyed the 3 hr D & C show w/Mary Beth.  I didn't constantly watch it due to NCAA  basketball, but a lot of it.  I liked MB much more than Carolyn and D & C.  Carolyn has the "buy it or else" tone in her voice.  Just my observation.

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to post a postive review for Mary Beth.....will make sure our production team sees your feedback.

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I caught part of the show. I always enjoy when MBR is hosting! Calm, kind, and professional.

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When you watch Marybeth you can sit back and relax and enjoy the show. QVC is lucky to have her. She is my favorite. Has been for many years.