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Can you please, PLEASE consider offering your holiday gift bags in some different size options?  I find myself mostly using the smaller bags that can hold Josie Maran  and Perlier skin creams, and there are only a few of those bags in your variety packs.  Some of us may not have any need for the larger bags but PLENTY of need for the smaller ones.

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@Bonzomom I think it would be a great idea to have the sets more consistently sized, either mostly small, mostly large, etc. However, I rarely use the small bags, I always run out of the larger bags. 

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@Bonzomom   H244821 Giftmate 72-Piece All Occasion Gift Bag Set has plenty of "small" bags.


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 I have bought these bags for gifts, however the premix size  leaves me with many small bags.

I would like an option to  buy  them  by the size - Jumbo, large, medium, small, wine bottles and mini size.