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I also agree.  These so-called designers are nothing but salesmen...they can't design anything.  QVC use  to have REAL designers and those products sold so well but I think QVC couldn't make as much money with those designers as these so-called designers of today.  He3ck, go on Facebook and you see such gorgeous clothing that obviousl;y comes  from Chino but then, so does the stuff sold on QVC.....I think all the time that I sdee these things WHY can't QVC sell these originalitems instead of their constant tee shirts.

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Some hosts think they are "genuine designers."  In spite of the explanation at the outset, the Studio Park gimmick has elevated opinions of "designer QVC hosts."  Elevated in their own minds, at least. 

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@Caaareful Shopper @You are so right. If a design style sells then QVC has all their designers incorporate similar styles. Same goes for the choice of fabrics. QVC knows it's clientele. They track sales figures and watch what is moving. The rarely allow their designers or vendors to step too far out of their parameters. 

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I'm with you Effie54! 


And Chi-Town girl-I for one am not being lazy at home lounging around and not getting out of my pj's. That style may suit some but not everyone.They should have clothes for all types of people in all situations. 

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