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First, I agree that the producers put nonsense into the heads of the hosts.

I would not be surprised if the hosts get points with QVC or maybe sales jump...

they have to be sick of saying ....Fri.... cannot write it. 


There have been countless comments that QVC is the "same ol' same ol" and that they are often out of touch with many potential consumers.

I do not know their actual demographics but,,, the Fri-Yay is a perfect example -

especially during this pandemic so many people that work from home never stop BUT ALSO look at the obvious.

 Is it the end of the workweek for those who are working 6-7 days or have rotating shifts?

. AND is it really Fri- Yay for the first responders, grocery workers, shop keepers, independent business owners, medical professionals, factory workers, post office workers, delivery people such as Amazon, Fed Ex, UPS, door dash, drug stores, delivery people, funeral home workers, CLERGY, digital workers, computer workers, media personnel and those that make the tv and radio programs, podcasts, nannies, babysitters, restaurant workers, movie and theme park employees, maintenance workers, landscapers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, construction, oil/gas employees,....oh.... SHOPPING NETWORK employees and apologies to those I left out...basically the majority of American workers

During this pandemic it is insulting to say the world shuts down weekly for several days on a Friday..... 

It just makes it sound like those are not the people buying from QVC.

Talk about a worn-out phrase from the past.