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PLEASE, when you are going to have a massive traffic day on your website, have the IT support necessary to support it. Or just make sure the website works and the free shipping is deducted. I’ve been trying to order for 30 min, but the cart isn’t properly reflecting free sh or when it does, it crashes again. 7 am, not off to a great start. Hope it works better for the rest of you...9
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I placed an order and had no problem with free shipping.  

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I had been looking at a rather large toy item for my granddaughter, and although QVC had a very good price on the item, the shipping was $42.97. Today, with free shipping offered, I decided to purchase it. Although the item does have free shipping today, QVC has raised the price by $43!!! A bit deceptive, to say the least, and incredibly disappointing.

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I have noticed the prices have gone up too on many items. So you're still paying more for an order. No thank you QVC!

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Do y'all really think that "free" means free?



Don't you know that businesses will get their money one way or another?




As my mama always said, " There's no such thing as a free lunch ".




And she was right.

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10% back from Top Cashback, except 1% on electronics

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 I put something in my cart and it showed shipping charges.  Then I went to checkout and the shipping charge disappeared.  

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What toy was that? That sounds very strange, must have been a very heavy toy, for that shipping charge!