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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

I have had to change my nick name once  and password 3-4 times.  It is getting old.



When I tried to sign in this evening they presented me with a long form to fill out to open an account...WHAT!!!. I have been here since the very first day on air. I just left and tried again, same thing 2 more times. I was finally able to sign in.

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Same happened to me.  I tried using the awful app, and got the same message.  QVC as a whole has gotten horrible, slow processing, a month to get a refund on a return, inconsistent sizing, very overpriced products. This company has totally changed, and not for the better.

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Oh this website that I use daily is the most exhausting website I have ever navigated. I said in another post that if the webmasters would give me 30-60 min I could point out all of the awkward and redundant clicks and weird things that go on when using their site. Please talk to the users or use it yourself and see how unsophisticated this site is every day. Look at other sites and see how good shopping sites work.