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TSVs should ALWAYS be offered with FREE S&H!  ALWAYS!

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@AT in Indy @QVC  doesn't think so.   

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I thought you were announcing that the Q is having free shipping today.

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They will just raise the TSV cost to cover it.

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@AT in Indy What I find with TSV's quite often is the price change after the item is a TSV is almost equal to what it would be with Free Shipping.


Example yesterday's dress. The price was  $49.99 + 3.50 S&H = $53.49. It's now $52.42. If you purchase it on a free shipping day it will be $52.42. It is actually cheaper if it stays this price, which I have seen this done in the past. I also like reviews so it saves even more if you find out it wouldn't work for you and have to pay return fees. 


Moral is to wait for reviews and you may even pay less with FS days. I personally believe QVC is deliberate in charging shipping with TSV's so that when the price changes the next day it is still offered for about the same with that free shipping offer. 

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The TSV's used to have free shipping back when it was actually special and a value. 

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I remember when the food items didn't include free shipping. So QVC just added the shipping in the price of the food items, and now we get free shipping on all food. 

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Free shipping is a gimmick.  Shipping IMHO is never free, it's folded right into the price one way or another.  But I know it does feel good to think we're getting free S&H. Cat LOL