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Please bring us some fresh styles in Diamonique....14K, Epiphany, sterling, I don't even care....just some updated styles with believable sized stones.....this line is the reason I began shopping at QVC many years ago...I have enjoyed wearing Diamonique so much and so have my four daughters....but now that the granddaughters are old enough to begin their own collection there is nothing available for them....the 3 and 4 carat rings, etc are tacky and unbelievable...if I want fun costume jewelry I can always spend 10 bucks on a ring with a huge stone at a dept. store....I want believable-sized stones:

1 carat TW leverback earrings

1/2 carat pendants

1 carat pendats

1 carat rings

please QVC...many others have also requested this but apparently no one is listening!

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I agree, I so love Diomonique but I too wish they would bring back some styles. Loved the LOVE ring in yellow gold with the white metal behind the stone. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. They put it out in a cheaper looking version in all yellow. Didn't like it at all. Also, now they use mostly yellow prongs on yellow gold FAKE looking from the get go! Please go back to the white gold prongs, bring more yellow gold style and new believable bridal sets. The twinkle diamond in yellow with white gold. PLEASE!

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And don't forget about the 100 facet line!  Love to see more of this in the Epiphany and even white gold.



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I agree, I wish I had returned a two carat ring because it looks so fake. I like the setting so one day I might take out the two and replace it with something real. Please more believable size stones on DMQ. My car doesn't match my jewelry, anyone seeing me get out of my bus and sees my hand knows it's not real.

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Diamonique in colors, please!  Brilliant oranges with a touch of pink in the sparkle.  Sort of like Fire Opal, Padparasha (sp?) Sapphire, Madeira Citrine.  Also, a believeable Canary diamond would be nice.  Not too many embellishments all around.  Less is more for everyday wear.

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If  you like Erin Mosely's page of FB and make suggestions she will listen and pass it on. I made a couple of suggestions she liked and she's going to pass it on. So look her up and then like it and make your suggestions. It's the best way I know to get Diamonique suggestions to be heard.

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Sparkly colors, 'if done right', would be good sellers, imo.  Maybe sparkly Spring colors for Spring/Summer and more Fall/Winter colors for that time of year.   Wouldn't it be nice to look down at our hands and see our favorite color!  Not too busy/embellished.   I think that many of us would like larger color stones, but not over-the-top large.  Believeable simulated gemstones;  Maybe solitaires, more or less.  I'll pass the FB/Erin idea to friends who have FB.  Thank you!

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