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How about considering Yankee Candles?

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That would probably be hard to do regarding getting a good price for the Q customer.


BBB sells Yankee Candles w/free S&H if you order online.  Plus you use their 20% discount.


Yankee Candles are the only candles I buy & the only scent I get is....

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at Thu, Sep 22, 2016-4.13.39 PM.pngthe large mason jars. 


My local BBB gives away the small mason jars candles for free during the xmas holidays.  This is when I really rack up on my candles. 

Once a year I walk into my local BBB to purchase 6 large mason jars.  I walk out w/12 jars. yahoo.gif

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This does not seem to be economically feasible for QVC.  In addition to be available at BBB, they are available at multiple other locations, including Cracker Barrel and their own stores.  QVC would not be able to offer significant discounts or competitive pricing on the product.


Besides, why would you want QVC to offer this product when you can get it at multiple other locations?  For the life of me, I have never understood why people waent QVC to sel products which aare already readily-available.