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Delay Ship Option

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It would be great if the Q offered a delay ship option. I hate when I have to choose not to order an item because I know I will be out of town for a week or more and not able to be home for UPS delivery. Really unhappy if I miss out on a TSV. Any one else feel this way?

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Re: Delay Ship Option

Can't say that I do.

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Re: Delay Ship Option

I would love this option.

As it stands, I use all three vacation hold options:

1) UPS


3) FEDEX ... oh their website tho

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Re: Delay Ship Option

That's an option I might have used at one time.   Now?  Probably not at all, but if I really wanted something, meaning I'm not getting it home and sending it back, I'd at least call CS and ask whether there's any way to delay shipment.


I know I did that some years ago, but I can'r dredge up the details any longer.

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Re: Delay Ship Option

Smiley LOL  I agree.  There are times when it would come in handy to delay a shipment. Especially, when leaving for vacation.

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Re: Delay Ship Option

What I've done if I know I won't be home is use the "bill to, ship to" option.   I send it to my daughters house and she keeps it for me until I am home.   It works fine if you have family locally.

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Re: Delay Ship Option

Do you have a friend close by you could ship it to.  I've done that before.

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Re: Delay Ship Option

QVC can not even handle regular shipping.  I doubt they could add extras like delayed shipping.......