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I'm sure this has probably been discussed before but I sure wish thwy would stick to recognized color names instead of being cutesy with the color names. With everyone's tv, monitors and phones showing colors differently, it's really hard to tell what the color actually is. Also, the vendors at home show the products with totally different lighting. I would love it if the hosts at least told us whether the colors have warm or cool unfertones. For instance, whether a pink is cool toned or warm toned like a coral makes a huge difference in how it looks on me. I need to know. If I can't tell, I won't order. 


Maybe QVC somehow knows most of their customers have skin with yellow undertones because it seems to me they always have more of those colors.  They hardly ever have the more blue reds but have tons of orange reds and oranges and golds, etc., etc., etc.

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@VancouverUSAgal    They are not being cutesy.  There's a logical reason for the naming of colors.  Within each line a color name name remains consistent and is an exact match for other items with the same name.  If you're familiar with the line, you will know what it's like in real life and with what it will match.  There are a million reds but I know exactly what D&C's Apple Red looks like.

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@VancouverUSAgal I get the custsey names.  Silly.  One host can't even say the colors.  She is always asking the vendor for "help with the name of the color."  And she renames the items something so silly.


Colors look different from the TV, to online, and when you put it in your cart it's a different color all together.  But I get what you're saying, there are a few hosts that will give some of the colors but not all of them.  



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@Kachina624 Is correct.

Still, @VancouverUSAgal makes a good point.

Only some viewers know the color history and/or have experience with them.

I personally like interesting color names but I would like hosts to do their homework, too.


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Completely agree with you about the ridiculous color names.  NYDJ is the worst for this.  Just try and figure out what color jeans you'll get with their names...good luck.  Denim & Co Apple Red is not being criticized...we all know what color apple red is.  You're also correct about this topic being raised before.  Nothing has changed because of it.  

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@VancouverUSAgal   lol  Maybe our reactions depend upon what our brains do when we see a garment we would like to wear.   I csann0t successfully wear anything blue-red any where near my face which means I really don't have much at all in tops that even compliments bottoms with those hues. --


  But here's the difference between the two of us -  I think I see a greater percentage of hues I cannot wear easily -  blues, pinks, grays, black, stark white, even some yellows and greens. 


But your comment about color names hits home -  the names might be cute, but they don't often help me -  and even if I just walk from one TV in my home to another, the colors change!