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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I agree this is horrible it has turned me away from watching

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

Just saw that 10 out of 12 upcoming hours are all Dyson. Once again. Ugh. Glad that I sold my QVC/Qurate stock earlier this year!! 

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I completely agree. I am also on the west coast and used to watch late into the evening ..... until now ....the hour begins repeating at 11 p.m. over and over. Not a fan


It also makes us feel like those of us on the west coast aren't as important and are a bit forgotten about.


Hoping this is very very temporary


QVC you have loyal customers because we like shopping.... it is a joy for us. Seeing the same items over and over and over is not however a fun shopping experience.


You're losing the interest of loyal customers

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I agree with all who have commented. When I first saw a nite time rerun I thought I was seeing things, so disappointing! I've been watching and buying for a number of years now, and have really come to enjoy the longtime hosts and guests, as well as favorites who left. We have a lot of TVs and always have something on for background. I can't tolerate most daytime TV talk shows, and we're no longer fans of 24 hr. News programs. Believe it or not, this station can be a nice, happy, non political release! QVC is now constantly trying to change online and TV formats to keeps up with what they must think the social media types want. I also notice they've made it more and more difficult to find the recent programming and past shows of the day. Again, why bother, now there's not much to see!

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

Sadly, I just read that they have decided NOT to resume live programming on 11/4 afterall :-( What a bummer!!


I guess it's pre-recorded nonsense indefinitely!

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

@tropics21 wrote:

as usual qvc keeps their millions of customers in the DARK about this major change.  Shame, QVC, is rock bottom, and continues to destroy customers relations.  No wonder they are where they are. Didn't they just hire six new hosts? shame on them, they never keep the customers in the loop, and that goes for their poor processing, shipping, and every dept, they have a low paying IT department they don't use to keep the communication going.  The CEO needs to be fired, or perhaps they should just close qvc before they embarrass themselves even more

This is EXACTLY how i feel about QVC right now.  As an IT person myself i know for a fact that my coworkers would be screaming if our system was half as bad as QVC is getting and throwing more bad "improvements" at us is ridiculous.  About their pleas to be patient I say SHOW ME THE MONEY!  I just had an experience where an order was in-process for almost a month.  I am D O N E with them until things improve.

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I'm with you on this.  Even though I live on the east coast, I like the TV on at night - and usually I like to have QVC on all night.  Well...not anymore - who wants to have reruns on all night?  They ought to kill Q2 and Q3 (which no one watches much) and put Q1 on full time like they did before.  What a way to ruin a good thing - but - I fear they are on the way down the tubes...thanks to new management..not sure they know what they are doing....

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

Customer service told me that this new "experiment" ws going to continue until the end of the year!

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I totally agree with you.  I like to shop early in the morning and now I can't.  This is a total joke.  Come on QVC!!!!  Bring back live broadcasting. 

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Re: Boo hiss on previously recorded!

I agree.  Previously recorded shows are worthless on the main QVC channel.  Many items on these repeated shows are either sold-out or waitlisted.  It's time to do on-line shopping with major companies that also offer free shipping.