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There are several vendors I won't watch because of how they look!



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I'm personally somewhat. repulsed by tattoos but I always tell myself. "you can't tell a book by it's cover".


I just don't understand why people don't get them where they can be covered if needed for business or other purposes.  I think they don't do anything to enhance the human body.

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I have a total of 10 tattoos, but you'd never see any of them unless I wanted you to.


They are all still vibrant colors and have a lot of meaning to me and me only.


Most people who get tattoos don't really care what 'others' think, they do them for themselves.


BTW, I'm 71 and no.....none of them are to my knees, LOL!


ETA: I must admit this is the first time I've heard of anyone being "REPULSED" by tatts!


LOL! Such a strong emotion to tie to something someone else does and is really none of your business!


My last one was when my brother committed suicide a few years ago and I tatted his name on the inside of my wrist, where I can see it everyday.


So, I guess I'll just keep on repulsing, LOL!

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I don't happen to have any because I hate needles and avoid if at all possible, but I wish I didn'thave such a fear. I have seen such beautiful ones and other than on the face they don't bother me.


It's special that yours are so meaningful to you, and you still enjoy them. I bet they are beautiful. Maybe some day I'll get my shamrock.

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I think nothing of it.

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I guess, for me, it would depend upon what the tatoo depicted.  

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They're not something I would ever want, but I don't care what someone else does with their body.


They have to like it, I don't.  


I have seen some pretty bad tattoos.  A young coworker had a very large Tweedy bird on the side of her abdomen.  After she had a baby, Tweedy looked awful, very distorted.  She was looking into getting it removed.....expensive.

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They don't bother me and I'm not distracted by them.   Many are tastefully done and look good.   The only ones I don't care for are the ones on someone's face or neck area. 


I'm also not crazy about the ones that looks like someone took a sharpie and drew pictures.  I'm talking about Paris Jackson's tats.



Paris Jackson at the 2024 Billboard Golden Globes After Party



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I think they look terrible if you're wearing a wedding dress!
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I don't think about them at all