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@millieshops I started shopping wth QVC back in 88/89 and HSN in 92. "In the good old days" the selection and prices were great, as were Customer Service. Both seem to change...selection, quality, price, shipping, service. HSN seemed to flounder first, but for me QVC fell further, maybe because for me, QVC had been the best and brightest.


Regardless of the why, things changed, more competition came online (my favorite way to shop), and now I'm really selective what I'll buy here or at HSN. But I do find prices and shipping times faster with HSN. I love that HSN has true sales and clearance prices, and I cherry pick my purchases with them. Lately I spend more money with HSN and thus far, I've been really pleased with my experience. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

My reaction to that HSN message:  to heck with it, I'm not returning to this product again.  I move on.  When I get a new piece of jewelry, I know instantly if I like it.  It doesn't take me 5 days to decide.



I had it happen to me once. They do it because, in their estimation, judging by past experiences, they don't think you could have received the package yet, so are trying to review it without having it yet. Their system doesn't allow for a package arriving extra quickly.


Out of curiosity I went back 2-3 days later & it let me review the item. They just want to be *sure* you've really gotten it.

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Reviews are important to me, but I look for quite a few things before I even regard any at all: 


*  I never consider reviews when it's just 1 or 2 of them.


*  I weed out the useless, and ridiculous (that looked tight on the model so I'll never buy it; I love this; arrived in a torn box so I'm giving it 1-star; etc.).


*  I look for common issues (sleeves were extremely tight; runs very narrow; sizing all over the place in different colors I ordered; bangle feels like plastic; etc.) running through many, many reviews. 


That doesn't mean I won't buy unless there are informational reviews.  I just look out for signals to be wary, then make my decision to buy or not.

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@MacDUFF wrote:

I would love it if a reviewer had to fill out a pre-checklist (for lack of a better word) before writing/submitting their review, including "what color did you get; what are your chest, waist, and hip measurements; what is your height; what size did you get."



        Well,  that would be an excellet way to eliminate all reviews for clothing items.  No one would do that and it still wouldn't assure anyone of anything.  

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I simply do not trust reviews on clothing.  THere is one designer who has a posse of dedicated followers.  they love every single item in that,clothing line and give everything 5 stars.  This is done so that more customers will buy that clothing line and thus ensure the designer's continuing presence on QVC.  THis is referred to as "puffing" Often items are given high ratings for ulterior motives and not because the items themselves are inherently wonderful.

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It would be nice if more people took the time to click on the one sentence reviews as not helpful. Using the feature to find the most helpful reviews is useless. Too many are just comments rather than a real review. Some even say "I just got it & can't wait to try it" well those should be texts to their friends, not a review. The checklist is a good idea & if the system could automatically state what size that was purchased and color was bought, that helps with beauty items.

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@Marp wrote:

It's about time Q also followed that practice.  I would also like to be able to update reviews but not change the original.  Something I am really happy with a month after receiving it might turn into a real dud in the second or third month.

Good point, @Marp.  Sometimes, too, the quality of product devolves from the original order to a re-order.  What I may have lauded in my original review of the item would certainly be less enthusiastically endorsed in such a case.

Yes! @1MrsT @Marp @GATORGIRL ITA with your posts! Good ideas and I hope the powers that be will listen.