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Would love to see QVC begin selling SISLEY*PARIS skincare. It's an amazing brand! 

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Amazing prices. . . 

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I think there's enough for now. Just last week they introduced another new one, Elemis.  It gets overwhelming trying to choose a skincare line, and who do you believe anyway.  Every vendor is convincing, and the hosts claim they use and love whatever they are presenting. Until the next week anyway, then they claim to use and love another line!!!  ha ha.

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There isn't one product in their line that's worth the prices they charge.......been there, done that!!

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You should give Sisley a try if you haven't!!   I don't think they'd go on the Q but I was surprised to see Perricone here so you never know!! 

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It is a great line of products but very pricey. I'm not sure the more expensive lines are any better than the simpler less expensive ones.