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I'm not going to comment on the whole processing debacle that happens frequently...but I hate ordering something when it's still available, and then days later it tells me it backordered. How does that even happen? It's especially frustrating because I've ordered Christmas presents, and now have no idea if I'll get them anytime soon. Just show it sold out for goodness sake.
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@RJB.  They seem to be using "backorder" as a mechanism to further delay orders they can't access to ship immediately.  I wouldn't worry too much as they still seem to get shipped pretty expeditiously,  at least mine have.

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@RJB I ordered a California Dreams cardi over the weekend during the presentation and my size and color were in stock when I ordered. I checked my order status this morning and it's showing backordered. Pffft. 

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Same happened to me.  They were still advertising Blink on QVC2 and my order status had it at backordered.  Call Customer Service.  Customer Service was great - they said it was a "glitch" in the system, and it was on its way!


  Although, I did have an issue with a coat ordered from Isaac - backordered for a few weeks.  It was for a gift.  Customer Service mentioned I would be able to return it and not pay any postage if I gave them a call.  Customer Service has been a Godsend for me.