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Forgive me if this has been suggested before but we need a separate forum for baking. I can't stand that baking recipes are mixed in with nonbaking recipes.

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That sounds like a good idea.


In my mind, there should be three - kitchen, cooking and baking.  The recipe forum makes me feel isolated.

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I really would like to see a separate Baking Forum as well.

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Having a separate forum for baking would be very helpful. Great idea TTerri!

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I agree. There needs to be a separate forum for baking. I mean SERIOUSLY QVC, you have one for shoes!!!

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OK, ladies, I'll bite.  Count me in as wanting a "Baking Forum."


The first thing I wanted to do as a child was bake.  The first cookbook I was gifted with was a junior baking book from one of my grandmothers.  She encouraged me to bake as much as I wanted.  My mother did not want me in the kitchen baking, so of course, I wanted to be in the kitchen baking.


Once I discovered Julia Child and Graham Kerr and the savory side of things and learned a ton of technique, I started turning out some pretty outstanding baked items, if I do say so myself.


Eventually, and when my DD was pre-school, I started a small commercial bakery and sold to resaurants, delis and coffee houses in San Francisco.  We made only cakes.  However, there's a lot more to me than cakes: Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses and on and on.  Today I'm making bread pudding and brownies.


So, yes QVC, we know David Venable loves to bake, so would like to have him on our side in creating a Baking Forum - please!


Thanks so much ~ Rebecca ~ in the Pacific Northwest

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I would like a Baking Forum also.  I enjoy baking more so than anything else...