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I am really getting tired of looking at women who do not portray the average size womna in the USA.  Either they' re too skinny or all plus models.  None of them look like WE  do.  I notice how badly these models look in the clothes and I do  NOT buy them.  Other people have to be complaining about it too, not just me.

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I always thought that the model Bonnie represents the average size woman. 

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Perhaps if you went and applied for a job as a QVC model, everything would then be perfect?  I think they have a great variety.  I'm not sure what you expect.

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Me Too - either tall and skinny as a rail or -

so heavy they can't wiggle in those pants


It's one extreme or the other............



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@piperbay Bonnie - she's a giant - almost 6 ft tall.  I'd have to cut and hem pants that fit her.   My days of cut & hem for a pair of $36 pants = long gone.  Better things to do.

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"Average size" is a very relative and debatable term.


Either way, not nice to body shame anyone and I'm on the 'too skinny' end of the spectrum,



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Oh, post a pic of your perfect 'average size' body, so the rest of us will know what the standard is according to you.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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I just saw the LOGO show (10/26) and holly cow!  I cannot for the life of me understand why they put these extra plus size models in these sausge casing leggings.  They need to show various models, more size ranges.  When I see these extra plus size models in skin tight clothing, I am so turned off they look horrible, how these stylists can dress them like this is just unbelievable. It is like they are thinking, let's see how we can make these women look even larger than they are.   Those velvet leggings on that model was beyond horrid.

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I am so over the endless whining about the size of the models. I actually think that QVC and HSN do an excellent job at showing a wide range of sizes with the models that they have. So how about saying yourself and not "WE" in your complaint. 





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The style seems to be those skin tight leggins or tights (whatever they're called).  My youngest daughter wears them all of the time.  Come to think of it I can't remember the last time I saw her in jeans.


She looks nice in them.  I can't wear them because I'd look like a seal (the animal kind not the Navy kind).


I spend all my time trying to make my fat belly disappear.  So far .... well...I'm not doing a good job.


I keep thinking eventually they'll go back to regular jeans or normal fitting pants.


I like Isaac's 24/7 pants.  They fit me fine, like the three bears...not too tight..not too loose..just right.


I would like to see a few models wearing something other than those tight clothes.  


Meantime I just keep buying jeans and Isaac's 24/7 (what I call slacks)...Remember that word..."slacks".


What goes around comes around.  I'm 74 soon..I hope loose pants come back around before I bite the dust....


I have a bad back so I can't walk around in stores like I used to love to do.  I know what size I am on QVC so I stick with that.


The models look the same to me these days.  I remember when some of the other models used to be on.  Angela used to be on Saturday morning.


I do like a variety of people.  Maybe it's where I live, but I see a lot of women of many different sizes.


However, there are many who are probably at least a size 16.  


That said, I recently purged a lot of clothes, I mean a lot of clothes many trash bags of clothes.


You know what?  I didn't know anyone as fat as me!  My friends aren't skinny, but they aren't as fat as me.  I'm an XL or mostly now a 1X.


Maybe the OP is right come to think of it.