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I would like to own an orYany handbag, I have been checking the prices of three of them for a while now, it just seems that QVC has not put them on a sale that would be reachable for some of us, I watch some of the other home shopping shows, and they seem to have deep discounts from time to time, QVC also seems to what to keep getting the highest price they can get. I also notice that there as is prices for orYany are still over a $100.00.

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I've purchased 2 orYany Cassie hobos from QVC only when they were on Easy Pay. I found a great deal on a bucket bag for less than $100 from Last Call online. I also recommend checking your local TJMaxx and Marshall's as I've seen several styles sold there at more than half of what the Q sells them for. You could also put them on layaway at both of these stores.
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Oryany bags are on Great buys!!! Some of the same ones but half the price of the sale prices!! love it.

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Check Nordstrom Rack online. I don't know if they have any available right now, but they do have them on a fairly regular basis for decent prices.

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QVC isn't often the best place to shop for handbags other than to see them presented. Prices here don't tend to be very competitive most of the time, shipping costs almost never are and real sale prices are almost non-existent.

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