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I went to the foot doctor yesterday and was told I have bone on bone artritis in both feet.  I also have bone on bone arthritis in both knees.  Are there any kind of shoes that may give me a little relief?  I work full time so I'm on my feet alot.  Thank you - Sandy

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Three meezers, I am so sorry you've gotten such a diagnosis.  I have the same situation in my right foot due to a crushing injury in childhood, and began to have severe pain and swelling over a decade ago.  My orthopedist told me my foot was 30 years older than I was.  I was working and on my feet on concrete all day.  I tried Vionics after being diagnosed with plantar faciitis on top of everything else, and they were a godsend!  I mostly wore Vionic mules with pretty neutral heels for the rest of my career, and they made a huge difference.  I still wear Vionic shoes or sandals, or Vionic insoles inside other brands of shoes to this day, they make a significant difference in my pain level.  I hope they can help you, too!

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I have arthritis in one foot.  I feel most comfortable in Clarks Cloudstepppers.

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I would get as much cushionng as possible in a shoe with good support...


Soryy to hear about your diagnosis..

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A lot of people get relief with Alegria shoes.  They now come in a huge number of styles and colors and they are available on Q so you could try a pair for a month.  There are also closed back styles.  People swear by them.  The doctor should have also given you some ideas.     

Good luck.


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Sorry for your pain. SAS shoes work for me and dh and kids. 

They are hand stitched leather lined and very cushioned and supportive.

They are expensive.

Their catalogue is on line to check out.

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I find any shoe with a soft squishy insole to be comfortable. Have you tried Skechers Go Walks? I love them. I also wear just about nothing but Clarks Uniloop style in the winter. They are really comfortable shoes. I don't have the level of arthritis you have in your feet, but I do have it. I find any shoe that is "hard" inside -- like most Vionics are -- is really hard on my knees. I haven't been able to wear Birkenstocks for years because they hurt my knees.

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@Three meezers I have arthritis in both feet, toes, and ankles. The only shoes I can wear are Hotter's. They have great cushioning.

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My mother had arthritis in both feet and was constantly under the care of a podiatrist.  She discovered a pedorthist, an expert in shoe fitting, at a local comfort fit shoe store.  This person made custom orthodics out of a styrofoam sort of material which she heated and molded in a toaster oven.  It sounds riduculous but they were a godsend for her.  She was fitted with a refined althletic type of super supportive shoe.


You will not get get good support in anything less than an oxford type of shoe that supports the entire foot, not just cushions it.   I've tried all the brands mentioned above for my own foot problems and know none offer true whole-foot support.  They are too cushioned or too soft to be truly supportive.  A shoe that is soft and pliable is not supportive.  I do wear an enclosed Alegria shoe and I prefer a shoe with a mild arch support for extreme pronation in one foot.  A Vionic or Birki arch support is too hard and high and is painful.

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The walking company has many good shoe brands,i love the abeo brand.

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