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Beautiful describes this bag. It is medium sized. It stays on my shoulder great even over a heavy coat. The strap needed no adjustment. I am normally a big bag girl this bag feels great and holds what I need without being heavy. I normally go for black bags but this color is so neutral it will look great with all my black. I think this color will be a fast sellout as natural was with the lock and logo. It will be a great year around color. I am sorry about not having any pictures, maybe someone else will. This bag is a chic classic. I am very particular with my bags and I think this one has a place. I try to keep my purse collection at around a dozen to keep my life more simple with kids but I really like this one so well I ordered the navy one for my mom. I am resisting the urge for the black{#emotions_dlg.sleep} Great bag!

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are you talking about the dooney pebbled dome satchel?  I am looking at that one too.