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I was excited to hear there would be a Miz Mooz TSV only to learn it will be an ankle strap sandal.  I don't know about anyone else, but I find ankle straps to be hot in the summer.  I'm not sure this style is going to go over well with the Q audience.


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Complete agreement.

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I totally agree. They had such cute shoes that sold out e...

I totally agree. They had such cute shoes that sold out earlier, I couldn’t wait to see the tsv. Very disappointed.
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Re: I totally agree. They had such cute shoes that sold out e...

I really like them, I ordered midnight.  I have been looking for a deep navy shoe.

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They look cute, but I just can't wear them. I find a lot of the sandals offered this year are just too much shoe for hot weather. JMO.

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Love Miz Mooz shoes but that style isn't for me. 

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Re: Miz Mooz TSV

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I love the look of Miz Mooz shoes.  I broke down and bought a pair last year.  They are super cute, but the sole is so thin and uncomfortable, I can feel the pebbles on the street while wearing them.


I should have sent them back.  I only wear them when I know I won't have to to a restaurant or church.  They are my cute sitting only shoes.


If this brand doesn't have a thick sole, pass them by unless you like shoes that feel like you are walking on cardboard.


The TSV shoe looks like it has a thin sole...a pass for me.

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I don't want anything wrapped around my ankle in the summer.  Very hot and sticky.  Cute shoes but not practical here in the South.

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That ankle strap just looks uncomfortable to me.  Pass.

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I ordered in the sage but then read there is no built in arch support. Canceled. I live in southern Arizona so would have been ale to wear them pretty much year round.