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I am laughing as I am writing this but I can't be the only one.  I just received my first pair of Crocs.  All my grandkids wanted crocs for Christmas.  I did not know this was a thing with teens lol.  I had to ask somebody and yes they are.  So I went to amazon and even ordered the charms (Jibbitz) is what Crocs call them.  They have them for every occassion and for everyone.  I happened to see they have Golden GIlr Jibbitz, well this is all it took.  I ordered a pair and now I have Golden Girls and btterflies on my feet.  They are comfy too.

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@sunshine 919 


How cool of you!!! Yes my teen GD is into crocs & also jibbitz.  It's fun to follow teen trends, keeps us connected.  Enjoy  

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@sunshine 919 - I have Crocs because we have an outlet at the beach. I have regular tie dyed ones, two kinds of fur-lined ones, a few sandals, and a pair of fur-lined boots from years ago! I don't wear them out of the house! Although I probably could I just don't. All of mine have come from the outlet.




 I looked at a really pretty pair this past fall, but I couldn't remove the Jibbitz. So I passed. 



DH has a pair of camouflage ones he wears around once in a while. Our kids have never wanted to go near them, although when they were younger I used to get them the beach sandals.




Enjoy wearing yours. They are so comfortable, and yours sound so pretty!   Smiley Happy

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I remember reading about three years ago that Crocs were going out of business.Whatever they did to re-invent themselves and become trendy with the kids is really good to see.  If only they could pass the secret on to JCPenney, Sears and Kmart 

so they could work the magic!  I love a good comeback story!

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I ordered a pair of Crocs sandals a few months ago.


I wore them for about 15 seconds and took them off.


The sandals have 2 straps at the front of the foot and a strap around the ankle. One of the straps catches on my baby toe and it hurts as the strap pulls on the toe.


I am SO SORRY I bought them. Guess it is time to donate them. But I don't want some unsuspecting person deal with the same problem I did.

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There are endless choices besides these:


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One of my girls REALLY wanted a white pair of Crocs with gray lining on the inside for Christmas.  We bought them for her and she loves them.  They are very convenient for quick trips in and out of the house. 


My husband is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.  I found a pair of Crocs with that theme (glow in the dark!) and I bought him the little charms that go with them.  I thought they'd be fun.  He actually really likes them, but he won't wear them out of the house.  He wears them inside sometimes.


My younger daughter got a teal pair last summer.  She wore them all of the time, but she doesn't anymore.  I guess the novelty faded.


Yes, they seem to be popular again.  I see a lot of people wearing them when I'm out and about, but it's more in the summertime.

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@mspatmac wrote:

@sunshine 919 


How cool of you!!! Yes my teen GD is into crocs & also jibbitz.  It's fun to follow teen trends, keeps us connected.  Enjoy  

Thank you everyone for you nice responses.  Enjoy your daySmiley Happy

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I have two pairs.  Both came from outlets and are lined.  I keep them by the back doors for gardening since I do not want to get my R sneakers wet on the soles and have them come apart quicker.  I have deco on both.  I believe my daughter and granddaughter both have and wear them, although not always.  Maybe to the pool.  I find them very comfortable and I will walk-in them to talk to neighbors.  I would buy again.

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I've worn crocs for many years. The regular ones that have always been around. They are the only shoes I wear. For me they are very comfortable. I've worn them around Europe, on cruises, etc.