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Re: Birks Didn't Work Out For Me :(

I have about 7 pairs of regular Birkenstock sandals and sneakers.  Love them and wear them all the time at home.  Interestingly, I tried the waterproof ones and they didn't fit me like the regular ones do.  Go figure......

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Re: Birks Didn't Work Out For Me :(

I too pronate on my right foot. I have tried so many times to wear Birkenstocks with no luck. I get blisters and my foot does not sit in the shoe correctly due to the pronation.  The company does not do a good job saying what foot issues will NOT work with their shoes. I returned a pair recently to Nordstrom after trying them again. I am done.

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Re: Birks Didn't Work Out For Me :(

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@ECBG   Don't feel badly, they don't work for me either...or a lot of other people.  My right foot pronates badly.  I even had unsuccessful surgery on it to correct it in 1998.  Last year, I got a beautiful pair of teal suede soft footbed  Birkies. Wore them around the house all afternoon.  By evening I had a huge blister on the underside of my arch where it rubbed on the prominent arch of the shoe.  So much for the Birki experiment.


Although I think Birkenstocks right up there with brogans in fashion, my #1 child felt I must have a pair because of my foot pain, so she bought me 2 pairs Birkenstocks.  She wore them and said she loved them and how comfortable they are. I did not find them at all comfortable nor attractive. Maybe it's my generation. Some of us were poor and had to wear ugly, uncomfortable shoes because we did not have the money to do otherwise.  Lord, just give me back my Jesus shoes by Born and let me be comfortable. I can be comfortable and just as unattractive on less money.



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Re: Birks Didn't Work Out For Me :(

@namealreadytaken    I've worn and enjoyed Born shoes too.

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