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I have never done a pot roast in the crock pot...I need i see are all over the place


I am looking for a recipe that isnt too out unusual flavors...perhaps tomato paste? I have read that beer is good..


please share your tried and true home style suggestions...thanks

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

I keep my slow cooker pot roast very simple, that's how we like it.


I use 2 packages of au jus mix (with water according to package directions), chopped onion, small red potatoes and sliced or baby carrots, sliced fresh mushrooms if I have them on hand.


I sprinkle the roast with garlic salt and Lawry's season salt before putting in crockpot with au jus and veggies.

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

I've had very poor luck with roasts in the slow cooker.  At the price of meat, I'd find another way to cook it.  The meat comes out very dry, the leftovers are virtually inedible.  It's like this cooking method boils all the fat and moisture out of the meat.  Hope you have better luck than I. 

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

@ProudMa I haven't tried it, but I did print a oven pot roast recipe from Taste of Home. Sounds yummy - just check out the website.

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

My mom used to add potatoes, onions and carrots and then pour some V-8 juice over everything. It was easy and pretty darn good.

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

Is your crock pot machine a stand alone type or part of an Instant Pot?  My stand-alone unit only does that - slow cooking - and couldn't boil if it wanted to.


To get you started - season road s/p garlic thyme or whatever seasoning you want

Heat fry pan - for top of stove to brown roast - olive oil and turn the meat as it browns


Put cleaned veggies (carrots - potatoes  - onions) on the bottom of the slow cooker

Place browned roast on top of veggies

Add beef stock to the cooker so it just covers the roast


Set Temperature selection on Low and let it cook for 8 hours.


Yes - some cooks add tomato paste - check Google for more details and use whatever seasoning you like.

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

I just buy the pot roast seasoning package in the spice aisle, mix it as directed and pour over roast. Cook for about 6 hours. Turned out great. Another method is use onion soup mix and water. 

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Re: slow cooker pot roast he

Google Mississippi pot roast.  Best ever 

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

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@ProudMa   My only tips for doing a pot roast in the slow cooker is to use a thick cut of chuck roast and to use seasoned flour to coat the meat and brown it first before placing in the crock pot with the rest of your recipe ingredients.  


After cooking when you remove the mat to rest thicken your gravy/sauce with a little flour.


Another way to have a thicker gravy is to add some minute tapioca in with your liquid before you start to slow cook the roast.


The Mississippi Pot Roast someone posted recently--maybe it was @Chi-town girl--is a good one, as is the old reliable onion soup mix one.  @ECBG  did a thread recently that led to a whole string of ideas.  Use the search box at the top right of the forums to find them and even older ideas from here.


Hope this helps.



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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

I sear mine first, and then add dry onion soup mix. I cook it on high for about 4 hours depending on the size of the roast.

Add my veggies during the last hour.