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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

its just a slow cooker...thank you for the suggestions

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help



I do a mean pot roast  with a can of tomato soup, a can of beef broth, and garlic.  It doesn't taste like tomatoes, it's just good.  Our sons loved "red roast".

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Re: slow cooker pot roast help

@Kachina624 wrote:

I've had very poor luck with roasts in the slow cooker.  At the price of meat, I'd find another way to cook it.  The meat comes out very dry, the leftovers are virtually inedible.  It's like this cooking method boils all the fat and moisture out of the meat.  Hope you have better luck than I. 

I am so terribly sorry that this has happened to you. Smiley Sad


I have found with trial and error over the years, that when making any kind of a roast, it helps to add just a little bit of liquid to the cooker.


For pot roast, I like to add veggies in with the roast.


I'll actually cut the roast into chunks first for more even cooking.


I will add in some baby carrots, quartered onions, and quartered potatoes--whatever kind you have on hand--plus some mushrooms.


I'll also put in a small amount of liquid, like a quarter cup of water mixed with some dry beef gravy mix.


You can then season it as you like,


I watch my sodium, so I tend to season more with salt-free seasonings and black pepper and garlic, and usually don't add much salt since the dry gravy mix packet contains sodium already.


As the meat and veggies cook, water from the veggies will naturally add liquid to the cooker and the meat will also add a natural au jus to the cooker, as well.


It also helps to keep your cooker half full when you're using it--no matter the size of it--to help with even cooking while you're using it.


You can cook this on high for 4 hours, but it's nice if you have the time to let it cook on low for at least 8 hours.


The meat comes out tender.