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I always refrigerate then bake.  Good luck to you.  And have some fun.

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Refrigerate so they don't spread and make sure the oven is pre-heated all the way.

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@catter70 wrote:

Does anyone here refrigerate their cookie dough before baking or do you just make the dough and bake?

Not I

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I never refrigerate them. They spread out a little bit, but I alternate rows of 4 and 3 cookies and they come out fine.

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Just placed mine in the fridge. I'll make them in a few days and then freeze them till Christmas week (else they will be gone in 24 hours thanks to the menfolk in my house).


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My preference is to chill before baking. Shape is better that way.

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I love fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, my favorite cookie.  I bake in one sheet pan at a time or just a few cookies at a time.  I roll my cookie dough into logs and keep in the fridge or freezer and cut off cookies and bake as needed. 

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I make Ina Garten's CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES, which always get RAVE reviews, and I've never refrigerated the dough.