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What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

For seasoned cooks, do you know how many cups of wide egg noodles or shell noodles per cup for each person?  (I don't have a food scale).



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Re: What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

I typically use 2 oz as a measurement ... so a typical 16 oz package = 8 servings. Below is a website on how to measure pasta. Sorry I can't be more helpful ... I usually use a scale if it's 4 or less eating. 


measuring pasta.PNG

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Re: What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

@Sunshine Kate   If the pasta is the main entree I figure one quarter to one-half pound per person. 


If it is a side dish the serving can be less, but I prefer to have more prepared, rather than less.  Leftovers are always enjoyed in my household.


If you are cooking for a crowd there are conversion charts online and in some of the older standard cookbooks that estimate the amount of an item to cook to adequately serve each guest.





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Re: What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

I just divide a one lb. package in half, whether it's noodles, spaghetti, rotini, etc.  Theoretically that's four servings but sometimes the two of us can polish that off almost completely.  A twelve ounce package makes less if using half, and that definitely gets finished.  

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Re: What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

@Sunshine Kate 


For egg noodles and rotini, I google how much dry equals how much cooked pasta.


For spaghetti, this pasta measure from amazon is very nice for just a few dollars.


Groupcow Stainless Steel Spaghetti Pasta Measure (Silver)

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Re: What Portion Sizes for Pasta?

One serving of the long dry pasta is equal to a penny round.  I have a penny taped on my cabinet!