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I just want to say up front that this recipe is not for everyone but I know we have more than a few vegan/vegetarian folks or those that are looking to reduce their animal product intake.  I just received this recipe and although it looks like it could be a bit of a handful to make, for those that are missing bacon it may be something they would like to explore:

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Re: Vegan Rice Paper Bacon

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@mtc  I love seeing vegan recipes.  Even though I mostly eat whole foods and very few "recipes"...I make a BLT for DH on rare occasion (vegan bacon of course).  Thanks for posting a recipe without meat, dairy, eggs, flour, sugar.  I have no need for fake meat in my life, but I'm so happy that DH is eating plant based/vegan I am more than happy to make him a fake bacon treat.  Torture-free healthy householdHeart

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I’ve always wanted to make this but...seems like a lot of work! Ha

I, too, have simplified my menus, but it’s still on my radar!




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Oh wow! What an interesting recipe. I’d be game to try It!