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I get Madagasgar pods from a local farmer's market. He used to sell them @ $2.50. Now they've doubled to $5.00, which is still way less than the grocery. The price is reflected on growing conditions.


I just use the Jim Beam bottle. I have to drain out an ounce first, (which could easily go into a cake by itself!)

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I heard tonight that prepared foods containing vanilla, like ice cream, are expected to increase in price.  They said the price of vanilla beans now is 5X higher now than it was a year ago.


I bought a large bottle of vanilla extract when the price started going up, and I don't bake or use much so it ought to last awhile.


@Kachina624 .... Hi .... thanks for the post ... do you know the shelf life of vanilla extract? .... I want to stock up on some before the holidays arrive 😊


If it's "pure" vanilla extract, eveywhere online says it'll keep indefinitely as long as it's stored in a cool dark place. If exposed to heat and light it may just lose some potency and get cloudy.

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LOVE vanilla everything!  A lot of other things too!Smiley Happy

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me too.

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I used 6 vanilla beans instead of 3. 😊 ❤ 😊 

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I've been interested in making my own. Anyone ever done that? 

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I'm glad I read this post.  I've been meaning to go to Amazon and buy an extra bottle of Madagascar vanilla.  You just reminded me to do so. 

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A couple of years ago Penzey's put out a notice that vanilla was going to sky rocket and you should stock up. 


I did and I'm glad.

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