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Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

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This recipe is a tasty use for leftover turkey. I use thinly sliced leftover turkey breast (but I've also used deli sliced turkey breast).


I first made this a couple years ago using brie. But I've since used other types of cheese -today I used sliced Muenster; I think Swiss or Provolone would be good. Spinach is optional; I use it if I have it.


You don't need a panini press. I just saute the sandwiches in butter in a skillet, like you would any grilled cheese sandwich.





Mel's Kitchen Cafe


• 2 slices hearty white or wheat bread 
• Dijon mustard, optional but I use it
• Brie cheese, thinly sliced (rind removed, if preferred) or other cheese
• 2 slices deli turkey meat or leftover cooked turkey
• 2 to 3 tablespoons cranberry sauce, more or less to taste
• 6 to 8 baby spinach leaves
• Butter, for grilling/panini-ing


1. On one slice of bread spread Dijon according to taste.
2. Layer on Brie, turkey, cranberry sauce, spinach, and another layer of Brie cheese.
3. Top with the other slice of bread. Butter the outsides of the bread or heat butter in a nonstick skillet, a griddle
or panini press until sizzling.
4. Cook the sandwich in the hot skillet/griddle/panini press, pressing down with a spatula or a heavy saucepan (if
you aren't using an actual panini press), flipping halfway through, until the bread is golden on both sides, and
the cheese is melted.
5. Serve immediately.

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

This looks to be a very tasty sandwich.

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

Sounds good!

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

This is a delicious sandwich , added sliced granny smith apples and home made cranberry sauce ....... delicious on the side . 


I also made turkey noodle soup , delicious .


Southern California weather has cooled down and we are all grateful .

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

I had this sandwich at a restaurant not long ago on Rye bread.Excellent

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

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.I made a less elegant version of this sandwich yesterday with swiss cheese and cranberry-mustard with left over turkey on whole wheat bread, grilled.

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Re: Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich

OMG--it sounds delightful!!!!!! I LOVE brie------I cooked a turkey roulade for T day, with a stuffing filling so I cut it thin, put my cranberry/cherry/ rum sauce on it with a little mayo on a homemade dinner roll---and the angels sang!!!!Smiley Wink