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I suppose this is what happens when you don't do a lot of cooking.  We're having my sister's birthday later and she asked for chocolate cake with caramel icing.  I planned on big  cupcakes.  So, I start assembling my ingredients and tools and good grief, I don't have half the ingredients!  I cannot believe that I thought of everything but it didn't occur to me to make sure that I had everything I needed.  And I made such a point of getting up early to get the cupcakes in and out of the oven before we go to church.  

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That's me too


I've gotten so bad about stuff like that, I never try anything "same day"


But bakery is good!

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@chrystaltree your sister,

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Been there, done that.  I've even made out a grocery list and then left it home !!!!

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Mmmmmmmm chocolate cake with caramel icing ❤️


I'm sure your sister will appreciate your efforts.  😊

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my girlfriend was just telling me that after two batches of cookies that bring to a pot luck....she made a trip to the bakery!

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Well, didn't make it to Church today.  Hubby is right, we should start going to the Saturday afternoon service like so many parishioners do now.  Sundays aren't working so well now. But the house looks great.  I bought a scrumptions German Chocolate cake and some vanilla cupcakes for those who don't care for chocolate.  Salad veggies are all cut up, lasagna in the oven.  Now I just have to drag myself away from the tv and get myself dressed.  

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German chocolate cake  - Yum.

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Lemon poppyseed, red velvet cake-Yum.